Automatic flagman, GPS triangulation, vortex generators and pitch pump analysis are introduced. These technologies increased the accuracy of aerial applications and the safety of ag aviation crews by minimizing exposure to the agricultural products being applied. Automatic flagmen offered the first technological advance to remove the need for a human flagger in the field being treated. At the end of a pass, an ag aviator would dispense a biodegradable paper flag to mark the location of the pass. This allowed the pilot to determine where the next pass was to be located as they entered the field after the turn. GPS was a quantum leap forward in swath guidance technology. Instead of physically marking passes, GPS automatically calculates the location of the next pass and guides the ag aviator to that pass using a lightbar, which consists of a series of lights and numbers that direct the pilot to the pass with great precision. Vortex generators increase the effectiveness of the wing, flaps and ailerons. They also reduce the stall speed and improve aircraft handling at low speeds. In essence, vortex generators make the wing work better which increases safety.