Strobilurin fungicides, useful in controlling a broad spectrum of common plant pathogens on many different crops, are introduced to the market. Because of their ability to thwart crop diseases and increase crop yields, these fungicides soon became a game-changer for farmers and aerial applicators alike due to strobilurin fungicides’ terrific results and the fact that aerial application is the preferred method of application. Why? Three reasons: its speed, better efficacy and the fact agricultural aircraft can make applications to mature crops like corn and soybeans without causing any damage to the crop.


Today, there are 10 major strobilurin fungicides on the market, which account for 23 to 25% of the global fungicide sales. Aerial application continues to be a prime delivery method for these fungicides because of the superior results aerial application achieves. Research has shown aerial applications of strobilurin fungicides on corn can increase yields by 21%. A 21% yield increase means that 4 treated acres will produce the same yield as 5 untreated acres, reducing the need to clear more land for agriculture.